Valid from: September 25th 2014
  1. General
    1. QVID is an IT based service / tool that simplifies the way people communicate and obtain educational content via the Internet. Via QVID, Users can add to and share educational/ knowledge content. Furthermore, QVID works as a knowledge based video portal that provides access to recorded videos, video clips, lectures and other audio-visual content to the users, which are streamed over the Internet to certain Internet-connected televisions, computers and / or other devices (smartphones, tablets).
    2. These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") govern the use of the service. In the Terms "QVID service", "our service" or the "Service" intend the service provided by QVID to search, discover and watch videos, lectures and courses. Also included in the service is the ability to upload your own or import existing videos, lectures, courses, documents, files, and links from other sites on the Internet, review the content of the Service, add your own notes and files and cut in imported / uploaded clips ("QVIDS"), which you can share with other users through social media channels as such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
    3. The Terms also include QVID's privacy policy (qvid.com/Help/Privacy). By using, visiting, or browsing the QVID service, you accept and agree to the Terms.
    4. The QVID service is provided by QVID Group AB ("QVID"), corporate number: 556917-9699.
  2. Access to the service
    1. The User may by visiting qvid.com get access to QVID services, (see section 3). To access QVID services the User must have access to equipment, systems and connection in accordance with the Terms (see section 4), and for the premium package User need to make payment in accordance with the Terms (see section 9). In order to make use of the features QVID offers e.g. Q-notes, to add files, links and edit uploaded material to be able to create its own QVIDs, requires a login. On qvid.com one can register a User account or log in with an existing their social media account such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.
  3. Registration, username and password
    1. Registration of a User account can be done on QVID's Website by filling out our application form or by using other services and social media, such as QVID deems appropriate. Upon registration with the help of other services and social media The Users credentials can be retrieved from such services or social media to create User's account with QVID.
    2. The User is responsible for the information that is listed in the registration is accurate, including information obtained from other services and social media, and if necessary to update its user account with the correct details.
    3. Upon registration the User shall provide a username and a password ("Credentials"). Credentials are personal and may not be used by another. The user should store its credentials so that they are protected from unauthorized access. User is responsible for all use of his/hers Credentials.
    4. In the event that the user suspects that any unauthorized use is made of its Credentials User shall promptly notify QVID via myaccount@qvid.com, and change the password. If QVID have reason to believe that the Credentials has been disclosed or otherwise misused by an unauthorized person QVID has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement in accordance with section 10.13.
    5. QVID may at any time, require the User to change its password. Changes must be made promptly and can cause temporary loss of use of the Service.
  4. Equipment etc.
    1. To use the Service it is required that the user has the necessary and approved systems, connection and equipment. The service requires that the user has access to required Internet connection. The user is responsible for all costs relating to such access.
    2. The use of the Service may be subject to certain third party software to be installed by the user. QVID may inform about the third party software that may be used but shall in no event be responsible for third-party software.
    3. QVID is not responsible for any failure to use the Service, or limited access to the Service because of overload on the Internet or because of errors or problems related to computer, network, electronic or communications.
  5. Use of Service
    1. The User may only use the Service for personal use and in accordance with these Terms. User shall not itself, nor encourage, facilitate else or allow another to: (a) use the Service for commercial or public purpose, (b) use the Service for any illegal or improper purpose, (c), lend or sell service (d) circumvent, modify, delete, alter or otherwise tamper with any security, encryption, or other technology or software that is part of the Service, or (e) otherwise use the Service in violation of copyright laws.
    2. The User agrees to use QVID service, including all functions and all features associated therewith, in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including limitation of the public performance or other restriction on use of the Service or the content therein.
    3. The modifications and additions The User do to imported or uploaded data does not affect the original contents as they appear only when one is using The Service.
    4. The User agrees not to: circumvent, remove, alter, impair or discourage any of the content protection on the QVID service; use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access QVID service; decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble any software that can be accessed through QVID service; insert any code or product to manipulate the contents of QVID service in any way or use data mining, data gathering or extraction method. In addition, the User agrees not to upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise send or transmit any material that is designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment associated with QVID service, this includes all software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs.
    5. User is aware that the availability of video, video lectures, lecture series, courses, uploaded and imported content is changed periodically. The content owner (publisher) can also remove content that may affect the user. The quality of the streamed video clips, lecture series, courses, uploaded and imported content can vary from computer to computer, and from device to device, and may be affected by a variety of factors, such as user's location, the available bandwidth and / or Internet connection speed. User is responsible for all Internet fees and should check with their ISP for information on possible charges for data usage. QVID makes no representations or warranties about the quality of what the User sees on his screen. The time it takes to start watching lectures, lecture series, courses, uploaded and imported content varies depending on a number of factors, such as location, available bandwidth at the time, materials the User has selected and the configuration of the used device.
    6. QVIDs software for streaming has been developed by, or for, QVID and is designed to enable streaming from QVID. This software may differ depending on the device and medium, and functionality may also differ between devices. If the user's computer, smartphone or tablet is sold, lost or stolen, the User should also change their password and Credentials to QVID. If the User does not log out from or disable their device, others can use the Service unauthorized by using the User's account and access parts of the User's account information.
    7. The QVID service is continuously updated, e.g. the content library. Now and then QVID tests various aspects of its services, including its website, User interfaces, subscriptions, access to videos, audio files and documents, and QVID reserves the right to include or exclude the User from these tests without notice.
    8. Use of the Service in violation of this Section 5 shall always be regarded as material breach of contract, which may result in QVID terminating the Service with immediate effect (also see Section 10).
  6. Social Media
    1. QVID might allow the User to make parts of his or her User account available on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google +. If the user chooses to use this function, it may be possible for others to see parts of the user's user account for the Service, including what material the User is looking at on the Service. User agrees that such content will be available to others and that QVID is not responsible for the content when it is available on social media.
    2. If the User is using social media in connection with the Service User may not use social media in any way that may be deemed abusive, offensive, harassing, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate or illegal.
  7. QVIDS
    1. QVID allows the User who has a User account to add its own materials on the Site, so called QVIDS (see section 1.2 for definition of QVIDS). By posting QVIDS User agrees that his or hers QVIDS become available for others. Users can also share their QVIDS through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google +. The Users who wishes to see QVIDS will be referred back to QVID's website. QVIDS do not affect the original contents of the uploaded material as modifications and amendments only appear in the QVID Service.
    2. QVIDS may not (a) have content protected by another person's copyright, trademark or other intellectual property without the express consent of the right holder, (b) seek to promote any product, service or business, or (c) be defamatory, obscene, harassing, obscene, pornographic, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate or illegal. User is responsible for any damage that occurs due to its QVIDS being made ​ available in violation of this paragraph.
    3. User agrees that QVID may review content in the User’s QVIDS and remove QVIDS to its sole discretion. The User understands that statements and opinions expressed in QVIDS is rendered by other Users and that QVID does not support such statements and opinions and that such statements and opinions can be wrong or misleading.
  8. Information to customer
    1. Notification to the User from QVID can be done by e-mail, sms, letter, invoice or posting on QVID's website. Notices to User shall be deemed to be received by him or her immediately upon notification by e-mail, SMS and posting on QVID's website. Message sent via letter, paper invoices or electronic invoice shall be deemed to been received by user three (3) days after the letter or invoice was sent.
    2. QVID shall be deemed to have fulfilled its duty of notification by sending a message to Users most recently supplied email address, phone number or address, even if these are no longer used by the User, or are otherwise unusable.
    3. By using the QVID service user accepts to receive electronic communications from QVID. These communications may include that QVID sends emails to the email address that the User entered when he or she signed up, or that QVID publish messages on QVID service, or on the "Settings" and include notices about User's account (e.g. payments, change of password or payment method, confirmations by email and transaction data).
    4. By using the QVID service, the User also agrees to get certain other messages from QVID, such as newsletters about new QVID features and content, special offers, promotional messages and surveys via email or other methods. If the User no longer wish to receive certain communications the User may go to "Settings" on the QVID website (qvid.com/Account/Settings) to manage its communication with QVID.
  9. Intellectual Property
    1. By registering a User account, signing up for a subscription or using QVID's services, QVID provides the User with a non-exclusive, non- transferable, limited license to use the content from the Service. User may only use the Service, and content from the Service, in accordance with these Terms.
    2. The materials contained on QVID's website and the content from the Service, are owned by QVID, QVID's licensors or another and is protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property. Users agreement with QVID does not mean that property rights or other intellectual property rights in the content of the Service, or the Service, is transferred in any way to the User.
    3. Publishers on QVID use the Creative Common framework for publishing their works and are subject to the provisions of Creative Commons. See further information on www.creativecommons.org, www.creativecommons.se, and www.oercommons.org.
    4. User may encounter third party software (including, without limitation, websites, widgets, software or other software tools that interact with QVID service. Such programs may import data related to User's QVID account and activity on QVID, or on another way to collect data from the user. These programs are provided solely for user's convenience and QVID not responsible for such programs.
  10. Premium package
    1. For a monthly fee, people who are at least 18 years can become members ("Member") of QVID and get a subscription with a certain period and access to premium packages. The contents of these premium packages is shown on QVID's website.
    2. Charges for premium packages are paid in accordance with the current price list, which is available at QVID's website.
    3. Payment for the premium package is made in advance on the day of each month corresponding to the date the member signed up for the service. Payment is withdrawn from the credit or debit card that member states. If payment is delayed QVID will try to withdraw money from the credit or debit card that the Member has declared three (3) times with two (2) days intervals. If payment is not made then QVID will send out an invoice for the relevant period, with an additional service charge. When registering for the premium package the member may only state debit and credit cards held by the Member itself.
    4. When paying by invoice (if QVID offer this option), the User pays a surcharge for paper invoices according to the current price list. Due date occurs on the last weekday of the month. Payment is considered complete when it has arrived to QVID. When paying by direct debit the Member commits to sign the necessary documents and to keep the invoice amount available in the account.
    5. If payment is delayed QVID has the right to charge interest on the amount due in accordance with the law, a reminder charge and, where appropriate collection fee. If payment is delayed QVID has the right to interrupt or restrict Member's access to the Service. QVID also has the right to terminate your subscription with immediate effect for late payment of more than twenty (20) days. Subscription without fixation on premium package
    6. Subscription without fixation is subscribed for with a period equivalent to one (1) month and is automatically extended by one (1) month at a time until the Member or QVID cancels the subscription. Upon termination, the subscription ends at the end of the last paid period. Any reimbursement of paid subscription fee will not be made.
    7. QVID reserves the right to modify these Terms. Changes must be communicated to members at least thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. Upon such amendment User has the right to terminate subscription to termination when amendment takes effect. Any Member who has not terminated the subscription before the amendment enters into force, shall be deemed to have accepted the change. Change that is of unquestionable benefit to the User is immediately effective without termination right from the User. Subscription with fixation of premium package
    8. Subscription with fixation applies, unless otherwise agreed, for an initial term of twelve (12) months from the date upon the premium package was entered into between QVID and Member. QVID will, within a reasonable time prior to the end of the fixed period, remind the Member about its right to terminate the subscription.
    9. In the event the Member or QVID has not canceled the subscription to termination by the end of the fixed period the subscription is extended until further notice, with the termination provision for subscription without fixation applies to the subscription, see section 10.6.
    10. During ongoing fixation period the fee for subscription may only be changed if QVIDs service costs is increased du to strikes, sabotage and amended law, a public authority or increased taxes and fees, and to the extent the change in fees for an amount equal to the amount in costs for QVID. Changes must be communicated to the Member within thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. When such change takes place Member has the right to terminate its subscription to termination date of amendment takes effect. Any Member who has not terminated the subscription before the amendment enters into force, shall be deemed to have accepted the change.
    11. During fixation periods conditions other than charges may be amended to the extent the changes, with an objective assessment, is not to the detriment to the user. Changes must be communicated to the Member within thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. With such change the Member has the right to terminate its subscription to termination date when the amendment takes effect. Any Member who has not terminated the subscription before the amendment enters into force, shall be deemed to have accepted the change. Change that is of unquestionable benefit to the Member is immediately effective without termination right for the Member.
    12. After completion of a fixation period QVID has the right to change fees and other terms of the subscription as applicable for subscription without fixation, see section 10.7. QVID's right to terminate the subscription to premium packages with immediate effect
    13. QVID has the right to terminate a subscription with immediate effect if: (a) Member is late with payment of at least twenty (20) days (see section 10.5), (b) the Member has become insolvent or there is reasonable grounds to believe that the Member may become insolvent, (c) unauthorized use of the Service has been made or there is reasonable cause to believe that such unauthorized use occurs, or (d) the Member has otherwise committed a material breach or repeated breaches.
    14. If QVID cancels the subscription with immediate effect during the initial fixation period in accordance with section 10.13 above, the Member shall pay for the remaining period. Return policy when signing a subscription to premium package
    15. When agreements are reached at a distance the Member has a withdrawal by law. The right of withdrawal means that if the user has contracted the service from a distance the User has the right to terminate the contract and recover the payment User has paid. These cancellation rights end fourteen (14) days after the Member has entered into agreements with QVID, but not earlier than the date when the Member receives statutory information concerning the right of withdrawal ("Withdrawal Period").
    16. In order to use the right to withdrawal, QVID must be notified by e- mail at subscription@qvid.com, telephone +468-50714080, letter or via QVID's website (see the contact details in section 17) within the withdrawal period.
    17. If the user starts to use the Service within the Withdrawal Period, by logging into the QVID website and use the Service, the User is no longer entitled to cancel Users purchase and receive a refund
  11. Disclaimer, disturbances and interruptions
    1. Disturbances, interruptions or other errors in the Service shall be reported to QVID as soon as possible. QVID is not responsible for any errors in the Service beyond QVIDs control in accordance with section 5.5 above or otherwise, which is due to User using equipment that is not authorized or caused by negligence of the user or another.
    2. QVID is solely responsible for disruption, interruption or other failure that can be attributed to a fact or that QVID is responsible for and not subject to section 11.1. For such disruptions, interruptions or other errors Members who subscribed to premium packages have the right to deduct on the monthly fee. The amount to be deducted is calculated as the duration of the fault only for whole days from the time Member reported the error to QVID until the fault has been discontinued. Deductions are made by crediting the following monthly fee. Credit is made to the Member within ten (10) calendar days from the date the member reports the fault to QVID.
    3. QVID, its affiliates, its employees, directors, partners or licensors shall in no event be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the user or by the use of the QVID website or the Service.
  12. Indemnification
    1. The User agrees to indemnify and hold QVID, its affiliates, its employees, directors, partners or licensors harmless for any loss, expense or claim arising out of or in connection with the User's breach of these Terms and crimes against laws or third party rights.
  13. Assignment
    1. QVID is entitled, without any prior consent from the User, to assign its rights, claims or obligations under these Terms to another company within the same group or to third parties who may reasonably be expected to fulfill its obligations under the Contract satisfactorily. The user is entitled to assign its rights and obligations under these Terms after consent from QVID.
  14. Links from the Site
    1. The Website may include links to other websites maintained by third parties. QVID have no control over and takes no responsibility whatsoever for the content of such sites. User's use of those Web sites is at your own risk.
  15. Severability
    1. If any section of these Terms are deemed to be unenforceable or invalid, this shall not affect, invalidate or render impossible the enforcement of other sections of the Terms and application of the section shall be enforced to the extent permitted by law.
  16. Dispute
    1. Any dispute arising from these Terms, the parties shall first try to resolve by mutual agreement. If the parties can not agree the dispute shall be settled in a Swedish court under Swedish law. The User has, as a consumer, the right to refer the dispute to the court where the User resides. The user can also choose to turn to the Swedish national board of consumer disputes for examination of the dispute.
  17. Contact information For questions regarding the Service, and to use the right of withdrawal, please contact:
    QVID Group AB,
    Box 3068, 169 03 Solna,
    +468-507 140 80