Microsoft's first version of the Windows operative system was released 20 November 1985. 

It was the first widespread graphic enviroment wich ran on top of the MS-DOS system, providing a better and far more intuitive experience for the user. 

At first the functions of Windows applications were criticised for being too dependent on the mouse, which at the time was a new computer tool that most people were inexperienced with.But as we all know Windows later turned out to be a huge success and a milestone for millions of computer users all around the globe. 

Some claimed that Windows was a rip-off of Apple's Mac OS,  but the truth is that Bill Gates was inspired by a system called VisiOn.

One of Windows advantages over Macintosh and other systems was that Windows could be displayed in color from the start, if used with a color monitor.

Some of the applications included were  Write, MS-Paint, Reversi, a calculator and a clock. 

You can try these apps in the Windows 1.0 emulator under the "links" tab. Check out the old school-awesomeness!