Best Diving in the World. Cozumel , Mexico GoPro Hero3.

Best Diving in the World.  Cozumel , Mexico GoPro Hero3.

Stuva Diving, Cozumel Mexico

Whether you're a novice or advanced, first-timer or old-timer, Cozumel has diving that fits your style. Cozumel's current-swept reef starts just off the island's southern leeward shore: mild current and shallow nearshore coral gardens for novice divers, swifter current and coral pinnacles near the drop-off for intermediate divers and vertical walls in deep water subject to unpredictable currents for advanced divers.

Delilah (sometimes spelled Delila or Dalila) is an example of the island's nearshore coral garden offerings. Washed by a gentle current and with a low profile, Delilah has coral patches, lots of angelfish, colorful sponges and a variety of crustaceans that your divemaster will try to find for you.

The strong south-to-north current at Tormentos Reef makes this site the fastest drift diving on the island. You'll be jetted over large coral heads (about 10 feet tall) topped with whip corals and sea fans. You can take shelter behind these formations to see all the grunts, whitespotted filefish and schools of creole wrasse.